Cute kitty cartoons

Cute kitty cartoons

Yes, I am very aware that I’m not 4 years old anymore. But these are too cute to resist!!! The moment I saw this envelope (and paper) I couldn’t help but take it to the cashier. The sleeping kitties on the third row are so adorable! And the calico cats on the second last row look so annoyed and funny at the same time! I just love all these cute kitties!




This calico cat is beautiful and she’s a lady of character. Her owner calls her “Toto”. But she was really skinny when she first came to stay with us, so we call her “Bones”. She stayed with us for a short while because her owner’s girlfriend got pregnant and they decided that she is no good for the baby (this is so NOT true!). We’d have kept her If it’s not for that she didn’t get along with Keda and Baby at all. We miss her!

A cat’s many talents

A cat's many talents

I don’t know how she does it. Nor have I seen my other two cats sleeping like this. This must be one of Pepper’s many talents! 😛 Whenever the weather’s hot, she’d sleep on her back, paws in the air. Sometimes she’d even snore a bit! It’s quite amusing to watch and always cracks me up!

A String of Happiness

A String of Happiness

In a way it’s easy to make my 3 cats happy. All you have to do is to find a piece of string and swing it around. They would chase it, bite it and hunt it. And then they’d get tired and take a nap. It works like a charm! This is little Pepper trying to catch the string. Doesn’t she look like an expert hunter?

Someone’s watching over me

Someone's watching over me

I enjoy solitude. I can actually do a lot of things by myself, even going to cinema, But ever since I crossed path with my 3 cats, I realized that they are watching out for me all the time! When I work , when I watch TV, even when I take a shower (hello, some privacy here would be nice!), somewhere round the corner, at least one of them would be hanging around. Even when I got up at odd hours to work on my manuscripts or to pee in the middle of the night, at least one of them would be by my side. Sometimes it can be annoying when I need to work. But most of the time, words can’t express how grateful I’m for their company.

A box of comfort

A box of comfort

Baby is crazy about boxes! Look at how he’s claiming his territory! When he was a kitten he used to jump onto the top of our bookshelves or wardrobe. But after all the fun he would start crying because he wasn’t sure how to get down. If you climb up and try to pick him up he’d shy away. So the “right” way to “rescue” him was to stand on top of a chair with a box. He always jumped right in! Now he can jump up and down the wardrobe and shelves with ease. But sometimes, when I need to work (and he wants me to scratch him and play with him), I can still “trade” a paper box for some peace.

When I was just a little girl

When I was just a little girl

This was taken on Pepper’s second day at our place. The night she arrived she cried and cried and cried until we let her sleep in our bed! But the moment we got up she “ran way” and hid among our furniture. After pretending not to care for quite a while, she finally showed up next to the DVD player. She looked so shy and lost! My silly little girl!