A Moment Of Weakness

A Moment Of Weakness

I have a confession to make. These temptations are too great to resist and I succumbed to the sweet calling of the devil kitty and the wise words of the colourful owl.


Books Are For…

Books Are For...

Climbing! It’s fun to climb up to the top of my slave’s bookshelf. It used to be Baby’s turf. But as a slimmer kitty I jump faster and higher than him. So it’s my turf now. I like the view and the fact that it drives my slave crazy. She seems to have trouble finding me when I’m up here.

Let’s Roll

Let's Roll

It doesn’t really matter where she is. Whenever Pepper feels like it she’d roll on her back to lure me to play with her. The picture may not capture the essence of her move. But if you’ve seen it you’d know It’s difficult to resist because she’s so enthusiastic!